24 Hour Service


Automatic Deliveries


If you are a customer of J. P. Carroll Fuel and you have a service problem, call us day or night and then it becomes our problem to solve.

It is our responsibility to keep you supplied with oil automatically without you having to call. You can request deliveries based on time or gallons.

Degree Days


Cleaning & Tune Up


A fuel consumption rate based on degree days is determined for each home and is updated after each delivery. It is very accurate and is the basis for your next delivery.

We recommend an annual cleaning and tune-up to ensure your heating unit is running efficiently before the season begins . Call 793-2331 or toll free 800-339-4268 to schedule yours.

Radio Dispatching


Our Commitment

All of our delivery trucks are equipped for instant communications. 

Customer satisfaction at a fair price. Our business depends on it.

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J. P. Carroll Fuel Co.

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