Pricing Plans

Recent years have seen volatility in the fuel markets. J.P. Carroll offers a variety of pricing plans to protect you from fluctuating prices and stabilize your heating expenses throughout the winter.

Pre Buy Plans

Fixed Price Plan

This plan locks our fuel price for a specific number of gallons you purchase. The price remains the same throughout the contract period (September 1 – April 30, or until contract gallons are delivered), regardless of market conditions.

Cap Price Plan

(Downside Protection – Fee Required)

This plan protects you both ways. With the Cap Plan you will never pay more than the cap price, and you have the added benefit of downside protection. This means the price you pay will be the cap price or cash price, whichever is lower, during the contract period (or until contract gallons are sold).

Budget Plans

Heating costs are an important part of your annual budget. Since the majority of your fuel is delivered during the winter months, unexpected heating bills can be a problem. J.P.Carroll offers fuel delivery budget plans that allow you to spread your heating costs out over 11 months. This gives you the freedom of working your heating expenses into your monthly household budget.

Budget Cap

(Downside Protection – Fee Required)

11 Monthly payments, beginning in August, based on gallons delivered at the cap price. At the time of delivery you will be charged our cash price our cap price, whichever is lower.

Budget Plan

(No Price Protection – No Fee Required)

We strongly encourage all customers not interested in price protection to consider this plan. 11 monthly payments, beginning in August, based on estimated gallons used. At the time of delivery you will be charged our current cash price.