J.P. Carroll provides delivery service of

No. 2 heating oil


On and off road diesels


Fuel Delivery

Our heating oil is treated with Arotec, an additive that improves performance by providing a cleaner fuel. This helps the fuel burn more efficiently and reduce maintenance costs. Our on and off road winter diesels are treated with Aronol, which helps keep equipment operating in the coldest temperatures. We have our own bulk storage for all fuels, including a 60,000 gallon propane bulk plant. This allows us to maintain a constant supply for delivery to you and assure quality control of our products.

Automatic Delivery

Tired of having to watch your tank gauge and having to call for delivery in a panic? Consider automatic delivery service. Automatic delivery allows you the freedom from having to watch your tank, and prevents you from ever running out of fuel.

Every heating system has its own usage rate based on each homeowner’s personal habits. J.P. Carroll uses a calculation based on degree days that allows us to determine your usage rate and deliver when needed. This relieves you of the burden of watching your tank.

Budget Plans

The majority of your heating fuel is consumed during the winter months. Don’t get caught paying for this fuel all at once. J.P. Carroll offers a budget plan that allows you to spread your yearly heating cost into 11 monthly household budget.